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An Early Childhood Learning Center

"Where your child's  imagination and learning have no end....."

"Parents agonize over the decision to leave their child in another person's care when they go to work. Thousands of choices for child care abound from preschools to institutional day care facilities. A more intimate option is a home daycare, also called family daycare. These take place inside homes rather than businesses, and more closely resemble play groups of other young children from the surrounding neighborhood. Unlike commercial centers or preschools, home child care offers a smaller child to "teacher" ratio, enabling each child to receive the highest level of care possible without his parents."

           Hi! Limitless Horizons Learning Center is a great alternative to a large and most times not so intimate daycare center. We are a 24 hour home based facility that provides quality childcare for children between the ages of 6 months-12years.  We also offer before and after school care for our school age kids. With transportation to and from selected schools.
          Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning enviroment for your child, while promoting and encouraging social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Why Choose a Family Home Daycare?

In a society where the majority of mothers and fathers are working outside the home, the need for QUALITY childcare is growing at a rapid pace. All parents want only the best for their children, especially when it comes to child care. More and more parents of young children are discovering that a family home daycare center can provide the individualized attention that children of this age need.

One of the major benefits that a home facilitated daycare offers parents and their children is a small group, due to low child to adult ration that each home daycare must legally adhere to. Parents, a smaller group means your child is more likely to get one on one attention and interaction she or he deserves.

Thanks for visiting our site, take a few minutes to navigate and discover why we are Limitless Horizons!

-Ms. LaJoy Edwards, Owner/Managing Director


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